Gayl Sharabi's art is conceptual. She uses a variety of paints and materials including wood, plastic, glass, plaster, wire, and paper. "Music plays through me and the brush is the dance," says Gayl Sharabi of her creative process. "It is always the journey that is the most enlightening." Her art is an expression of scientific and philosophical ideas, and her aim is to open a door for us, to contemplate her work, which varies between abstract and figurative.

Inspired by her personal history, Gayl's art nevertheless rises above self-reflection and aims to address, among other topics, the tribulations of contemporary society. Her figurative works, which feature silhouettes, contain an aspect of social commentary. Her more abstract works bring forth a sublime feeling. The world is a complex place, these works tell us, while the creative process provides order and ultimately a means of conveying ideas and feelings to whoever contemplates her canvases. Gayl Sharabi divides her personal and creative time between Israel and the United States.