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Trevisan International Art
The Gallery, situated in the very heart of Ferrara, besides the Cathedral and only a few steps from the Estense Castle, is cured by the young art critic Paola Trevisan who loves being surrounded by both good emerging and successful artists. With its international character, the Gallery hosts also exhibitions of foreign artists coming from Europe or America, precious occasions of artistic and cultural exchange; at the same time Trevisan International Art opens itself to collaboration with other galleries and associations.

Sarah Misselbrook
This site offers you the chance to view the artist’s online gallery including Misselbrook’s conceptual sculptural and body casting artworks, photography and drawing.

Grish Art
Grish Art is a combination of graphic/web design, photography and art. We offer graphic design for corporate identity and image branding. We also provide web site design, construction and maintenance and work closely with artists to promote their work.

Wiki Gallery
Art Wiki Project is a database of Fine Art images and articles. They are a nonprofit organization.

Oil Painting Reproductions
Handmade Oil Painting Reproductions - sponsor of

Frida Kahlo
The complete works of Frida Kahlo with more than 100 images of paintings.

Henri De Toulouse-Loutrec
The complete works of Henri De Toulouse-Loutrec with more than 620 images of paintings.