Gayl's art is conceptual. Her art is an expression of scientific and philosophical ideas. She uses a variety of paints and materials (including wood, plastic, glass, plaster, wire, and paper). She incorporates microscopic images (including images from an electron microscope), fractals, and photography in her digital art. Gayl Sharabi was born in 1956 in Michigan, raised in California, and immigrated to Israel in 1983. She lives partly in Gedera, Israel and partly in Malibu, California with her husband and five children. Gayl's formal education includes a B.Sc. in Plant Pathology, Colorado State University (1980), and a MSc. in Microbiology, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel (1988). The rest of her education has been in Israel. She began taking art classes in Gedera in 1988 and continued them for 5 years. She studied art at Avni Institute (1997-1998). She received diplomas in Iridology, Healing and Reiki I, II (1998-99) from Masuot Yitsak, Computer Graphics from Sivan (1999-2000), and Web Design (2000-2001) from Maof (2000-2001).